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Okay so the Exile is an open wound in the Force but how does making the Exile kill her at Malachor help her achieve what she wanted? How does all this create echoes in the Force?

Another thing, was it the mass destruction and loss of countless lives at Malachor the reason for the echoes in the Force, or was it the the action of the Exile which cut her off from the Force responsible for the echoes?

What would have happened if the Exile had died at the Trayus Academy? Would Kreia's mission be accomplished?

The Force existed in all life, and when many lives were extinguished, especially in a short period of time, a wound was created.
But Kreia's plan did NOT involve the loss of many lives in a short period of time. It only involved battling the Exile at the Malachor. But how would such a battle create an echo?

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