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And why would Kreia's plan fail if she was killed by someone other than the Exile? So echoes are created when a strong force user dies? Suppose an echo is sent when a strong force user dies, say the Exile, how would you compare the magnitude of this echo with that of the wound created when a planet, say Katarr is devastated? Kreia wanted a WOUND right?

And can we draw any points of similarity in the bonds shared by Kreia and the Exile and that shared by Nihilius and Visas Marr? Did the bond between the latter break when Visas' alignment changed?

The Exile is termed as a wound in the force because he was able to (involuntarily) give up the Force while other Jedi who fought in the Mandalorian wars didn't NEED to break their connection to the force because they didn't have the ability to form such strong bonds with companions like the Exile did and even if they DID form strong bonds with companions, they had become so dependent on the Force that they couldn't break their connection to it, right?

After Surik defeated Traya, she ordered the generator's activation, destroying the planet and sealing the wound, once and for all
The Exile herself was the wound, then how does destroying Malachor seal the wound?

You are a breach that must be closed. You transmit your pain, your suffering through the Force. Within you we see something worse than the teachings of the Sith. What you carry may mean the death of the Force… and the death of the Jedi.
How does the exile transmit pain and suffering through the Force?

Thereafter, Surik was deafened to the Force, but she continued to project the echoes of the suffering that she had witnessed
Is there any example of Surik (The Exile) projecting the echoes of the suffering that she had witnessed?

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