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Kreia could have allowed herself to be killed by Sion on the Harbinger. I don't understand why she underwent the pain of befriending the Exile, teaching her stuff, and finally betraying her.

I know she has a grudge with the Force as she was exiled by BOTH the Jedi and the Sith, and it is the Force which drives both these parties.

As for the echo, it is simple. With her death, the ideals of the old Jedi order die with her. Thus, an echo.
So Kreia's death will cause echoes as you mentioned because the ideals of the old Jedi Order would die with her, but how does dying at the hands of the Exile increase the magnitude of the echoes?

Wouldn't echoes by generated if she died at the hands of someone else like Sion on the Harbinger?

After Surik defeated Traya, she ordered the generator's activation, destroying the planet and sealing the wound, once and for all
The Exile herself was the wound, then how does destroying Malachor seal the wound?
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