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Happy Times in Taris

I had a really nice day today in Tanis, firstly i am amazed at the beauty of the design of this world the ruins are awesome and a blast to explore and work thru, and there are some wonderful surprises ...... if you havent played it yet, you might avoid the last of these pictures....but it is not too much of a spoiler...

i really found getting to a bit higher level makes a huge differnce in the way the events play out and you a have a much better chance of doing sone intelligent combat, instead of fighiting to survive...

The servers shut down for maintenance just as i found the ARchive, cant wait to get back in...

here are some pics from today and i really really really enjoy this fine MMO...

Fallen Giants

Giants Playground - Ruins of Tanis

How the Mighty Have Fallen... Vista of the Ruined Megalopolis on Tanis

Ruined Behemoth - Gigantic Building in Ruins on Tanis

Gigantic Ruined Stairway, Tanis

Beneath the city Ruins Tanis

Shipwreck of History - the Endar Spire's last Resting Place

A Happy Discovery....

and i really appreciate all the wonderful help and support from the Guilds and community here, has make a huge differnce in getting this far.

Update: corrected spelling of Taris from Tanis...i seem to have a dyslexic block about some of the names....sorry about that.

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