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I love it, it's so much fun lol. I think BioWare has hit on something really good with these events and this first one is making players do some really cool things.

At first it seems pretty straight forward, everyone go to Tatooine and do some special missions. But then there are new World Bosses to fight... one that it's the PvP area so you have to get into a big ops group and fight off the opposite faction so that your side is the one to take it down first otherwise you'll have to wait like 12 hours for it to respawn.

Mav and I were part of a HUGE ops group that absolutely DESTROYED the Imperials in a pretty well coordinated effort to take it down. Then the other day I was on Tatooine and I found another special Rakghoul World Boss so I went into General chat and gotmyself another ops group together so we could take out that boss.

I also love how new missions are being added the one hidden crazy objective in the game... if you get infected, go to a populated area and try to infect 10 other people when you blow up.

Awesome XD

And yeah, I got myself the Crimson Rakkling by doing that epic fetch quest that takes you all the way around Tatooine lol. I managed to make some friends along the way too, it was like I was on a Grand adventure on the hunt for lost treasure. |

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