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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
You There is way more story in TOR, that is a fact.
No ****e... with 200 mil thrown at it. I doubt KOTOR1 costed even a quarter of that (or even 1/8th). So it's understandable there is more. I was just talking about the combat/story ration, which is pretty attrocies in TOR. And secondary quests that aren't about "kill X" or "fetch Y" (ie fedex)? Virtually non-existant . Single-player RPG's do a lot better there.
If they threw 200 mil at KOTOR3, surely it would last as long as Baldur's Gate II, if not longer!
Unlike KotOR, in TOR I am building my character and not some BioWare demigod. I get to decide who my character is and its motivations.
Play KOTOR2?
And there isn't a whole lot of choice per char. You pretty much should get all abilities, and the "skilltree" is pretty slim with minor boosts...
For better or worse, no new game will be made with the old D20. Its time has passed.
Funny, I heard the same about adventure games. And PC-games. And indie developers. Catch my drift?
I don't get the gripe about the MMO-combat, I really don't see much difference between it and any modern "RPG" (AP, DA2, Mass Effect 2, Skyrim or Mass Effect3).
Well, DA2's was really REALLY bad, so I can understand.
AP I assume means Alpha Protocol? Lot more sneaking and aiming and choosing there than mashing buttons.
ME2 isn't really much of a RPG, sadly enough, they ripped out anything resembling it from ME1. Can't speak for the rest, since I haven't played them yet.

Also another really annoying thing about TOR is after fighting through hordes of enemies for any side- or main quest, if you completed it, you're forced to fight back through the same respawned horde. It gets old and annoying really fast. And just running away is no option since they get bonus damage for shooting you in the back and most have stun capabilities, so that just gets you killed. Also forget finding a path through the hordes without triggering combat eventually. In pretty much every RPG I hate fast-travel, but TOR could really use it to get back to your quest-giver without mutilating all baddies twice over... :/
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