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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
That isn't what you wrote, am I suppose to read your mind? I just stated a fact that you kept saying wasn't true.
No, it was what I wrote. I just didn't mean "more story" as in overall in the game, but that you would get more during your game... So you get more of it during your combat than TOR would provide...
Maybe I could formulate it a bit better.
No I haven't I just wrote above I did in my last post to throw you off.
Evidently. You should, it's good...
I forget how many species did I have to choice from in KotOR and TSL?
Species is not really much of a choice besides looks though... it's not like it prevents you quests or gives alternate story missions or, well, any other abilities (I can count the amount of times I casted my species stuff in TOR on 0 hands).
And yes, compared to the feats, skills and powers of KOTOR the skill tree of TOR is a meager beasty.
when is the last time uncle George hired a indie developer?
Nor ever a big developer. George has nothing what-so-ever to do with LucasArts. Or KOTOR. Or TOR.
Also to answer your question; Telltale games for Tales of Monkey Island.
QT and fleet passes are your friends.
Though the combat inbetween instance areas is beyond the QT. Or you mean the skill? Doh, completely forgot about that one...
And I hoped to play a RPG, not a fighting game. Maybe that's why TOR is not for me?
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