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There is - probably - but the question is how much effort you want to spend to do so. It can be done relatively easily in K2, by spawning a waypoint at the characters' positions and then moving them there when the module reloads... but I don't believe you can spawn waypoints in K1, at all. The only instance of something like this happening in K1 that I can remember is the Revan flashback; yes, the beginning is just a Bink video, but Revan taking his mask off is a proper cutscene module (side note: I believe they did this for people who disable Bink videos, so they would know what the hell was going on). But that scene starts as a cutscene, and so naturally the waypoints already exist. But I'm guessing you want something along the lines of Kreia's fall - so the conversation can happen anywhere, and placing waypoints ahead of time would be impossible.

But fear not! I have an alternative solution: invisible placeable. You should be able to spawn it in by normal means. I did something along these lines, though it didn't involve leaving the module - and of course I can't remember why I had to do it this way anymore. I don't have access to my source scripts at the moment, but if memory serves, you need to do something like:
location L1 = Location(GetPosition(oNPC1), (GetFacing(oNPC1));
...and spawn the invisible object at that location, before you transit away. Then when you load the module again, just teleport the NPC to the placeable. Or for some reason if you have to spawn a new NPC, get the location of the placeable this time and spawning the NPC there.

Repeat as needed.

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