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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
you can't fairly compare the two games
Who says anyone is trying to be fair?

Playing up to the first 15 level of The Old Republic is the equivalent to playing the first 2 minutes of KotOR or The Sith Lords, of course you know everything about the game play and story by that little information. Seeing the tutorial world and the 1st real planet tells you everything about all your companion, the game play and the story. By doing those two planets you incorrectly know every quest in the game involves fighting. Even before you get certain talents, like fleet pass or stealth or shields, you know they will not help you escape mobs…

I have no problem with people that hate the game because it is a MMO. I have no problem with people that love KotOR or TSL. TSL is one of my favorite games and KotOR was my first RPG, I just find it funny that someone can spread untruths about a game for no reason other than they wanted a RPG. I wanted a RPG too, but TOR was what was made and it is a hell of a fun game to play with at least 8 different stories to tell. I see it as KotOR 3 thru 10 rolled into 1.

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