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Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken View Post
Kinnison: When you get diablo 3, send me a PM or something. I'll definatley be playing. Me and the lady will be slamming into it. She's playing a Monk and I'm going Wizard.
taking a quick look I was interested in playing the Witch Doctor. Problem is My schedule is all screwed up and i work til 10pm on Sundays and Thursdays, and midnight monday to wednesday.

In other news...

Planning on going to the EAA Airventure airshow in Oshkosh this year (end of july). Arguably THE biggest airshow in the world. The flanneled one himself, George Lucas, is going to be there previewing his new movie "Red Tails". since I am going to be so close to him anything I should try to say to him or ... maybe do to him if i get the chance?

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