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This is getting off topic... but when I decided I wanted to get into TOR, i had 0 experience with any MMO. So the first thing I did was download one which I could have access to without too much effort. That MMO was The Lord of the Rings Online. I played through till about level 20ish and just kind of thought "hmmm, this isn't for me, but I understand more about MMOs now"... of course, playing through as much as I did and reading up on what people said and posted about elsewhere, I still don't feel like I can really critique LotRO as a game... all I can really do is comment about the time I spent with it... which I feel isn't the same thing since I didn't spend much time with a game that's much bigger and more expansive than the small piece I played.

Generally when I want to really critique a game... I play it all the way through and experience as much of it as I can... even if it's gut wrenching to do so. Folks have heard me bitch about Metroid: Other M time and time again. I HATE that game. It's the only game in my entire history of playing video games I actually HATE.... the ONLY one. But... I completed it 100%, I played it on normal 100% and then I went and did it in hard mode 100% because I wanted to be sure that a game that was a part of my favourite video game series really did suck all the way through. It did.

That's how I roll and that's how mim seems to roll. I did read all of the things other people said about the game and I did look at all of the screenshots, but to really know the game, I had to play it all the way through despite my distaste for it.

So what this really comes down to is that I'm fine with your assessment of the introduction of TOR. Your points are valid to at least that part of the game, but you haven't played any more of the game to know what you're really talking about... even if you have read what other people have written and seen screenshots.

If I went by what other people thought of Other M and by the screenshots, I'd get the impression that Other M was a pretty terrific game... and the introduction part of Other M is actually pretty entertaining for the most part... of course when you get into the meat of the game that changes.

If anyone wants to continue the TOR rants... we do have a TOR forum ...cause now it's back to what this thread is about... let's try not to deviate from it with more TOR arguments. (This is my subtle warning... hint, hint)


If anything, I want to believe it's what Alexrd thinks will happen with the smuggler rpg concept. I'd like to see a flawed character who doesn't have super powers and doesn't end up being a Jedi but didn't know it. Too much Jedi nonsense. All you need is a good blaster by your side, quick wit, street smarts and the ability to shoot first in every situation. |

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