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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Not really. They did it that way so when the mask goes off, the PC's face is revealed. Seeing the amount of faces a PC can choose, well, doing biks for all of them is a bit too much, no?
What? I don't follow you at all. Why would they make a Bink video for every face? Obviously they'd need to do that in the game... but that wasn't stricly necessary for the scene; it could have been done another way. What I meant is that someone who has disabled the Bink videos will only see this part. Anyway, this is all irrelevant.
Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
Cool, but how would I take note of the module the PC was in before the cutscene so I could warp back to it?
Either a global as mentioned above, or if it's all in a single script you might not have to do even that.

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