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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
are there things INSIDE the lockboxes? i did not know that, i bought one but thought it was just for keeping stuff in so i sold it...i saw them as prized but did not know what they were for.
Open just like you would use anything in your inventory. Open inventory, put your arrow on it and then right click on the mouse.

It is random loot. Some of it can be pretty useful and watch there are different levels and quality of lock-boxes. I buy them often when I have extra planet commendations after buying mod upgrades. My luck, I've always gotten Jedi gear, now playing as a shadow I've been getting smuggler and trooper gear.

Originally Posted by Prime View Post
And Mim, you are off your effing rocker if you didn't like Taris!
I think it goes back to my first time playing KotOR (first time playing a RPG), got stuck in the Upper City for like 6 hours. Haven't liked Taris ever since (that was how I found Lucas Forums though).

Taris was decent the first time in TOR, just took me forever and then when I finally thought it was over about to get on the now got more bonus missions. 2nd time through was with Lynk, it was quick painless, but nothing to really change my mind. 3rd time through was the best, because I did pretty much everything, but the Heroic4+ and the WB. Also feel the Taris story is better with a Jedi class.

Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
It's definitely more fun on the Republic side. The Empire's Gloom and Doom Edition of Taris is really depressing.
Maybe I am off my effing rocker, I liked Taris with my lightside Agent.
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