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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Well there are plenty of Star Wars games that don't have Jedi in them. Just look at X-WIng, TIE Fighter and the Rogue Squadron series... all focused on the pilots of the Star Wars universe, all very awesome. Then you have Episode 1 Racer which wasn't a game about the Jedi, it was just a very fun racer. Shadows of the Empire is another good example, all it takes is a brash Smuggler, no need for a lightsaber and Force abilities.

Those are only the games off the top of my head but we all know there are plenty more great Star Wars games that don't focus on the Jedi or Force powers...

Recently I'm seeing a shift more toward the Jedi and it'd be nice if whatever future projects are coming had a few games which weren't all Jedi focused.
I wholeheartedly agree, SW is not just about the Jedi, there is such a big universe of stuff to choose from. And I agree that we need some more games like the X-Wing series and Pod Racer and definitely like Shadows

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