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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
So yes, while you can send gear across the faction line... you may not like the results as it comes out the other side... or perhaps things may turn out to look much cooler than you had previously thought.
I have tested this with credits, just to let you know they came through perfectly and Agent put them to use with no problems.

It also worked fine with the implants I sent to my agent.

So those on the Meatbag side, just like the TWC, my smuggler is willing to send you Implants and a limited number of Adrenals, Medical, and Stimulants as you level to 50. Just PM me here, catch me as I play my agent, or find me on the Republic side. I need to know your Level and the Primary Stat you want the Implant for (since I don't know if it is for you or your companion).
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