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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
While 3500 mile range doesn't exactly make you think ICBM, it does now allow India to strike major Chinese cities.
Chinese experts suspect that the Indian government is actually downplaying the range and it may reach upto 8000 km

Originally Posted by purifier View Post
And that suprised me too, I thought India had already passed that point concerning the range of their missles.
According to reports, India had the capability in the 90s, but deliberately stalled development to avoid attracting sanctions from the West, especially with the added attention during the 1998 nuclear tests.

Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
India's nukes have always been pointed at Pakistan (and vice versa), not much need for range then.
Somewhat true but, China is also considered a serious threat due to regional hostility, unresolved border disputes and because they're Pakistan's other sugar daddy. Pretty much the only reason for having a missile with this kind of range is China, which is why China's newspapers are downplaying the missile and pointing out that China beats India pound-for-pound.

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