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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
India's nukes have always been pointed at Pakistan (and vice versa), not much need for range then. As for South Korea, it has little reason to suffer the reputation cost of obtaining nuclear weapons, especially with its alliance with the US (and, no, it doesn't need to match NK's nukes, the threat from the north is still a conventional artillery pointed at Seoul).
Actually, I wasn't thinking NK here. They don't need nukes b/c it was never the case that the US (or anyone else, really) was going to invade them due to their proximity to and status as pretty much a client state of the PRC.

And I'm not sure if this'll spark a race, as I don't see many countries actually needing them. As an example, while Japan might lack nukes vs China, China can't credibly threaten to nuke Japan in any likely future disagreements/conflicts between the two.
Don't know if it'll be a race, so much, as a perceived deterrence factor if/when US influence wanes sufficiently in the region. Even using NK as an example again, there is little reason to believe that even the US will have reason to use nukes vs them accept as a retaliatory measure in the very unlikely event that the NKs nuked a US asset/territory. This obvious lack of need hasn't gotten in the way of their ambitions.

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