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Seeking a hand with a boss on the Asteroid Station

I have been working hard to level up enough to survive on and get to Tatooine s i could see a bit of the Plague cycle, but.... even tho i am at a high 25, almost 26 i think, and recieved a very nice gift of some level 70 armour which has helped a lot, and have worked hard on my skills and training,
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as an Elite and i just dont have the strength in me left to run around leveling up two levels just to beat him. Can someone help me get rid of this nasty slob? I can meet someone at the medical station on the asteroid, I think that is before the story door, not sure as i am still a noobie, i will head back in, had to take a break and get soem sleep, and try to see where it might be possible to meet up, as i had to get to the station on my own ship, i dont think there are any fleet ships that go there.

anyway, PM me or post if you can lend a hand sometime in the next day or so, if not now, i will sleep and try agian tomorrow, and maybe i can get leveled up dong space missions and some more work on Nar Shaddaa. Just wanted to see if anyone had the time to lend a quick hand.

I am playing as Ceaern in game. it looks like this event is designed to force multiplayer as i dont see any way one person can beat this boss, he is so overpowered. Ah well. Let me know if anyone is willing to lend a hand. thanks.

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