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@:Sabre: Agreed, should have written "historically/traditionally"

@:Tot: Woops, that one was directed at purifier. Anyway, NK "need" nukes in case one of their provocation escalates enough to restart the war, a war they'll probably loose (unless China backs them, which is something they'd rather not rely on). So I wouldn't say NK is comparable to the rest of the region. Also, I'd not call them a client state, the PRC isn't too fond of the Kims and their antics, but as long as keeping them in power avoids A: NK collapse and refuge flood into China, B: American forces stationed at their border, and C: A strong Korea at their border. If they thought reunification could happen without A and B happening at the same time, they'd be unlikely to oppose it.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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