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ok thanks ... as far as i know the quest is at my same level for i just got this mission where i am now, and have done all the possible missions on Nar Shaddaa, i have no idea how i would have more levels if i could..... but i will keep working up. thanks very much for the implants Mimartin.

the problem with leveling up is that it looks like i have struck out on Nar Shaddaa, for more missions, i have done them all that i can do at this level, ....i will go back to Taris and do bonus missions for i did all that i could there too. Or try space missions, i will try that today. I am always wiling to do the work necessary, but i got a message from the game saying that my mission would advance with multiplayer use, so i thought i better ask for some help.

My character name at the top of the screen turned Gold and lit up and when i moused over it it said my main Mission needed to be advanced with Multi player.

I was not sure how it worked for help to happen for this, it is part of the main story for me, as a Knight, it is a mission that advances the game not just a companion quest so i thought it would be more generally known...tho it does involve a companion. I had expected to get to Tatooine next but it looks like i have to do this one as there are no other main quests happening any more. The Boss is at the same level as i am , 25 but he is an elite and i last about 10 seconds against him once my companion is killed off and he has abilities that are way above any that i have so it is no match without help i think.

I will do what i can, and be in touch thanks for the tips about renewing upgrades for companoins and also for the implants that was very nice, Milla also sent me some very nice armour which has helped a lot. I do appreciate the generosity and help.

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