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I know which quest you speak of. It indeed involves Kira, but it's a class quest, and can be quite hard to finish. I'll see if I can lend a hand, if you still need it.

By the way, Cris, Elites can be quite hard if you go into the fight without a strategy. From what I've heard, you're probably DPS, which means you need either a tank or a healer, at this stage, the astrodroid is the best. Seeing as this quest involves Kira, I'm not sure it's possible to switch to the droid, but look into that. Also, Elites sometimes have attacks that do huge damage. A few of these attacks require a few seconds to power up or to channel, so it's best to look out for any channeling the elite does, so you can interrupt him. This really makes a big difference. Use Force Kick, Force Push and Stasis to interrupt him. Usually, combining these three you always have an interrupt skill while the other are on cooldown.

Lastly, these are fights that are meant to be an end of a chapter of sorts (though this isn't the end of chapter 1), much like a singleplayer boss. Which means, don't be afraid to go all out. Put a medpack on your skillbar, stim up before the fight, be prepared.

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