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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
Kreia could have allowed herself to be killed by Sion on the Harbinger. I don't understand why she underwent the pain of befriending the Exile, teaching her stuff, and finally betraying her.
If she had allowed Sion to kill her there, it would have been foolish. What would've stopped him from tracking the Exile down and killing her, since at that point(even if it would be some time after escaping Peragus), it is doubtful the Exile could take him on and win. There is also the possibliy of the Exile dying along with her, but that is obvious at this point. Also, with Kreia gone, the Exile has no teacher, and also no direction. No notion of where the other Jedi are, much less a reason to seek them out.

Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
So Kreia's death will cause echoes as you mentioned because the ideals of the old Jedi Order would die with her, but how does dying at the hands of the Exile increase the magnitude of the echoes?
With her death at the hands of the Exile, at that point on Malachor, it allows for things that it wouldn't otherwise. Say if the Exile finds out about her being a Sith on the Ebon Hawk, and kills her right there. That still leaves Nihilus, Sion, along with Atris and any other Jedi that remain, all set in their views of the force, and the galaxy. Perhaps it would work out the same way, but the Enclave scenes would not, especially if playing a LS Exile.

Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
The Exile herself was the wound, then how does destroying Malachor seal the wound?
If it does, or if sealing them is possible, I can't say. It is just like real places that have had tragic events happen. So long as there is anyone to tell the story, or someone to know of it, the event doesn't fade from memory, even if it might be from the memory of someone who only learned of the event from a book, or a teacher. Even if Malachor is destroyed, that does not change the fact that people died there, nor does it change what happened. But the main reason for the Planet's destruction is the Sith presence, along with the knowledge that is within the Academy.

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