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thanks M i may indeed need the help. I did experience what you are talking about he used devestating attacks and I had no counter once they were underway, he threw me across the room and i had to struggle to get back into contact taking huge damange and losing time in my own attack. I do have force Kick in my bar and also a hefty med pack, i did switch out companions on a previous planet even when the quest asked for the droid i used Kira and was able to succeed and then switch back for the final bit. It make all the differnce. I am a tank myself but i dont really dram the attention as much as I should, i will try the droid..and will also try to level up some more i think i am close to 26..... will go beat up on some Rathgoul for a bit. ...but thanks very much for the offer, yes the story is about to take a turn i can feel and i agree this is a plot ending of sorts.... Kira has some things to explain.... but for now, i will be happy just to get rid of her brother.

I may be able to do the start with Kira and then after i get killed the first time, and revive at the med station on the Asteroid station which is quite small, i can switch to the droid...and then maybe switch again at the end.

thanks again for the armour Jasralantill (Milla) that was a huge help

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