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Rebirth: Revan's Untold Past pt.I

Pre Mandalorian Wars: A young girl joins the Jedi, and leaves her family behind

The piece was like a good beer, a heady brew filled with the child's fears and desire to join the Jedi, a bitter taste at the farewell, and a crisp clean finish as she deals with Vrook as only a child can.

Refreshing and enjoyable

Pick of the Week

The Instruction of Jolee Bindo

Pre KOTOR: Jolee is given a mission, whether he wants it or notification

The piece is just a slice of life that sort of slices Jolee away from what heis doing, which is, like his time on Kashyyk, not much of anything. The idea that the Force will just decide to pick someone is a common thread in the genre, which at least moves the story along.

The Trial and Confession of Canderous Ordo

Post TSL: Canderous has a fierce battle, then explains why he rescued Mira

The piece is tightly written, though the fight was truncated. His explanation as to why didn't fit my view of the Mandalorians, but since it is a standard view, I will say it was well portrayed.

Pick of the Week

Odd Notions

PreKOTOR to Korriban: Yuthuura Ban has some interesting ideas given to her, and grows into them.

The piece has some interesting twists, especially in Sarin's arguments. It reminds me of myself explaining religious thinking to Christians. If you consider the Gods to be the equivalent of electricity, then refusing to accept any good in the other religions around you is like deciding that the only plug you will use is the one in the kitchen by the sink.

Her argument, that the Dark Side is merely the other side of a coin, and equally valid, makes perfect sense. You don't 'fall' to the Dark Side, you merely make a conscious decision to follow a different path, and it like any path made, is as valid as any other path others give you.

I especially liked the logic that strength does not need to equal brutality; something I push hard when people merely make the Mandalorians dumb brutes.

Pick of the Week

What it means to wait

Post KOTOR: He said he wouldn't wait, but he lied...

The view of Carth saying goodbye for the final time is poignant. The feeling as he asks her forgiveness, and her off hand Han Solo like reply. The idea, when she departs to the Unknown regions, he'll wait for her return to give them back to her is perfect.

Pick of the Week

What's In A Name?

Pre Mandalorian Wars: A look into the Temple, with three of our favorites...

The piece is funny, with Revan Malak and Tel, (the Exile) forming bonds of friendship. The one joke we do see (Shaving half of Vrook's eyebrows balances with Kavar coming across as a model type always looking for his reflection to make sure he looks good. The argument about Malak's name (Revan wants to continue to call him Squint, and forces a vote as rigged as any modern election) finally ends when he literally votes the graveyard to win.

A Shade From The Past

KOTOR on Kashyyk: Avery gets a chance to strut her stuff

The scene is one of the side quests I didn't like; Primarily because as I mentioned above regarding the Sith, that strength does not mean brutality is acceptable. While historically, both the Samurai and Spartans (The groups I compared the Mando'a to) had their sadists and brutes, both also had a tradition of service that didn't include gratuitous brutality

Atton's Motivation

One year post TSL: Sequel to Atton's Redemption, Atton meets a new assistant

The piece is an interesting view of Atton's dissolution due to the loss of his master. Where it goes I do not know, I didn't have time to read the 24 other chapters.

Guardians of the Ancient Order
Bone Eagle

KOTOR aboard Endar Spire:

Remember narrative mode. You start in third person, and in the fifth sentence switch to first.

Remember in a desegregated military, only specific honorifics are use, ma'am instead of sir, and in courtesy, such as saying ladies and gentlemen.

The piece is fun because the characters are changed as the old Dragnet TV show said, to protect the innocent.

Revan's Quest
Jedi Revan Onasi

Remember to sight edit. Counsel suggests and advisor instead of the Council, which is the controlling panel of the Jedi.

A twist used before but always interesting; that Revan had a sibling who is also Jedi trained.

Ace Onasi

KOTOR aboard Endar Spire: Carth aids Bastila's escape

The piece would have been more interesting if the author hadn't tried to make Carth such a super hero. Having him fighting using his injured arm to fire a weapon, then as a bludgeon. Having Bastila do everything short of groping him for a kiss, and the constant refrain 'what a guy' sort ruined the piece for me. It was a bit too campy for my tastes

Taking Leave

Post KOTOR: Revan says goodbye to Canderous by giving him a treasure

Like all the work of the author, this piece has it's own poignant charm. Making her gift the last time she sees him as Canderous thinks later, was so that their farewell is light hearted.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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