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Originally Posted by kasser View Post
Original Lucas audience did not love it,
Who's part of the "original Lucas audience"?

Originally Posted by kasser View Post
Now we see Lucas crawling slowly back to what they were best at. It began with the return of Monkey Island (3 Monkey Island games!) and giving The Old Republic back to BioWare and we see it now as MMO (I hoped for an RPG but hey, maybe they will make one after the fanbase expand!).
Well, Darrell Rodriguez was the one who brought Monkey Island back to the spotlight again and he wanted to do the same to the rest of LucasArts adventure games catalogue. However, he left LucasArts back in 2010, and the plan to bring those back seem to have died with his departure. As for The Old Republic, well, it's not like they were giving it to someone else.

We know that they were making BFIII, but the developer went bankrupt and so the build died there. They have interest in releasing it, that for certain.

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