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On Topic: Noticing how messed up things are internationally on south Asia, India is completely entitled to defend itself against the non-friendly (or neutral) nuclear players on the region. I don't even need to remind you of the Parkistani issue that's been dragging for decades (which was already brought up, anyway) and a huge and powerful China sitting beside it.

Off-topicish: No one is starting a nuclear war on Asia, or anywhere else in the world, any time soon. There probably never be a Fallout-esque scenario because the winter war scenario is there exactly to warn people in power about it. No one is "crazy" as the media make it seems. Nuclear Deterrence is exactly what it seems to be and if it's the only way that NK can remain a relevant player/threat on the region and thus acquire what it needs to keep going (food supplies for the starving).

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Upset the status quo that has a monopolistic superpower, oh my!
Took the words from my mouth.


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