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Never claimed NK risked invasion over getting nukes (kinda why I contrasted them with Taiwan ). When it comes to aid and missile tech, neither of those requires nuclear weapons, sure exporting nuclear tech itself does, but that's because it's so expensive to develop nukes in the first place.

Whether, as you say, NK doesn't want to rely on the PRC or not is irrelevant b/c that's likely a key reason no one's going to invade them.
It's relevant because it's a major incentive for developing nukes, Israel could do like South Africa and simply rely on the US, yet for some reason it doesn't.

I don't believe they're truly that worried about a mass exodus from NK flooding across the border (what? China can just shoot them like it does its own citizens ) or any of the other "joys of having a dirt poor neighbor".
You mean like how the US just need to intercept all the South American immigrants at the border? Oh wait. That aside, shooting them requires soldiers willing to massacre civilians, and I doubt China wants to test that. And the joys include lots of illegal immigration, and smuggling.
Again, while some Politburo members probably enjoys seeing the US frustrated, that's nothing compared to the big 3 reasons for keeping NK stable.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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