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Side Quest Order Guide...*Spoilers*

OK, here's my problem: this is my first time playing this game and so far it seems pretty difficult to understand. Unless you have played it at least once it seems like it's pretty much impossible to do *Anything* right the first time. Even though I have been referring to some guides on Gamefaqs occasionally, I still seem to be having some trouble. Mainly, it's with the side quests. Even though everyone says you can do anything in any order, I've found that this is false. I am currently on Kashyyyk (First world I visited after Dantooine) and so far I have been unable to complete side quests on both Taris and Kashyyyk because there are no guides that I have found that state a specific order they should be done in in tandem to the main quest. Obviously you can't just do the Main quest and then go back and do the side quests because after you finish the main quest, most of the side quests disappear and become in completable and get stuck in you quest log.

2 For example: (***Spoilers***)

(*****Again, Spoilers Begin Here*****)

On Taris, I was unable to complete the quest to give the racghoul serum to the prisoners because I had already given the datapads about the Promised Land to Rikul. I know that there is a page stating this online, but that's not my point. My point is that there is nothing in any Guides specifically stating the order in which your side quests should be done.

Second, on Kashyyyk, After I got the Droids Head, I headed to Eli to complete the quest, but the wookies had already started rebelling and Eli was nowhere to be found.

My question is: Has anyone either found or made a guide detailing what order the side quests should be done in tandem with the main quest line on each planet?
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