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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
Awesome! I kinda ran screaming and space bar clicking through Tattooine and missed the ole' Pit. Do you have a rough idea of its Location Mim? I may have to take a detour past it next time I'm in the Outer Rim
What Lynk wrote (X: -1398, Y: -2032)...First time I have seen it. The Sarlacc Pit is in the middle of a heroic 2+ area, so I never chanced it solo. However, figured my Shadow was up to it. I was worried over nothing the Heroic quest on the Republic side was easy, with stealth I was able to get in and complete the quest without killing anything (didn't leave without killing, but I could have).

I read that you can find the Star Map, anyone know where it is or is it in a story section (maybe Jedi Knight)?

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