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Originally Posted by RevMg View Post
Hmm, anyone knows when Kreia meet with Revan for the last time? It was before he left for the Mandalorian Wars, right? Or is there a chance they met on Malachor V? Before Revan left for Unknown Regions. My memories about that are bit clouded. (yea i know, that according to the new canon he wasn't even there but let's stick to what's in the game;p)
Probably before the Mandalorian wars, due to him going to her, to find out "how one would best leave the order". It is possible that she gained power as a Sith, just as Revan would've began remembering what he'd forgotten, though it happening just after he'd left the Ebon Hawk and T3 on Malachor seems more probable, since it would be sometime after the end of K1 that she becomes such, and sometime before the start of TSL that she is betrayed by the Sith.

As for him not being on Malachor in TOR's canon, it has to leave much of TSL in the dust, aside from the Exile, namely the very thing that almost runs the plot of TSL, or is at least, an integral part of it. What is that? Not the Exile, but the Ebon Hawk. If the idea is, that if Revan left it and T3 on Malachor, Kreia would've used it after her betrayal by Sion and Nihilus, to leave Malachor and seek out the Exile. Also, if it means he'd never set foot on Malachor(during or after the Mandalorian wars, or even after the end of the Jedi Civil war, when he would've remembered the planet), only viewing it from a ship, how could he possibly know about the real threat, since that is where TSL says he learned of it? But either way, I can't see how it fits, if Revan was never on Malachor.

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