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A couple things that could help you with boss battles.

1. Make sure you are buffed before a battle. For your Knight this is Force Valor (I think). It increases your Strength Aim, Willpower and Cunning and increase the damage you put out. I’m a buffoholic I buff everyone. So in return I usually have all the classes buffs, because most people will buff you back and you can end up with all the republic class buffs at once. This will really help. Just be more careful than I am about who you buff. Do not buff pvp flagged players (unless in a group) unless you want to be pvp flagged.

2. Save Heroic Moment for the battles you really need it. Heroic Moment last 1 minute and restores about 2% of max health every 3 seconds. Can really make the difference while soloing a boss.

3. I sent you those medpacs that not only heal you but your companion. Use them wisely.

4. Know your abilities. I don’t know anything about being a tank or a knight, but see if you have any stuns or ways to slow a enemy. Use them on the boss and then clear the lower level before going back to the boss.

5. Going through the game as a Tank or Healer is difficult. You may want to consider going back to the fleet to respec. I am not telling you to do this. I will understand if you don’t. I refused to respec my healer and did all, but one battle with her solo because a few people were telling me a couldn’t or shouldn’t do it. However, it will make the game sooooo much easier.

6. Keep your companions up to date and don’t be hardheaded about using different companions. I wanted a Wookiee companion. So I used the Wookiee for about 90% of my class story. However, that was stupid. The game would have been easier and faster had I used a DPS companion instead. Figure out what works best for you and give that companion the best gear, but depending on the boss you are fighting another companion’s ability may make the fight faster and easier, so don’t be afraid to change.

7. If you fail in a battle, remember what you did right and wrong and adapt your strategy accordingly. You may be able to take out one strong enemy in three moves, but a different class of strong enemy may have a healing ability that makes your preferred attack useless, so you have to change your strategy to compensate.

8. Watch you gear. Been reading a little about a Jedi tank, the biggest thing most say is take the better attributes over looks…It is better to look like crap and live than to look good and be dead. Always go with Heavy Armor even if the attributes are better with medium.

9. Last, when you need help call. I’m keeping my shadow near your level so that you still get xp for killing stuff and she is there to help. Also if you want to go back and do the Nar Shaddaa bonus mission (at least level 30), I’ll do them with you. Shadow has zero social points, so you would be doing me a favor. I also don’t believe I have ever done them. This would also help you get a little over leveled. Which will really help you as a tank going solo.

Anyone else have any suggestions (especially someone that knows more about being a guardian or a tank? )Also please correct if I told him anything wrong…I don’t want to hinder a new player when I’m only trying to help.

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