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wow Mim thanks a lot for all of that, I dont know what force Valor is, i will have to find out which one that is, I was using Heroic for the times i really needed sometihng extra, but i have had to just try to figure out what abilities did what and how they helped...most dont last very long and some of the dependencies are complicated....Force Jump has turned out to be much more helpful than i thought, and i try to guess right when i have to choose which points to add to which skills. I did not know we could re spec ..i thought i was stuck with Tank, but certainly will change it if will make things easier, the boss battles have been just about unwinable most of the time hence my asking for help which has been so generously offered. thanks for the Nar Shaddaa offer, i noticed there was a mission person in the terminal but she would not give it to me yet which may be those bonus missions, when i get to 30 i will be happy to work on them with your shadow, i dont have any social points at all either, i better go back and get that social start from Corrisant as i deleted it.

I have tried to do as you say, re equipment, looking good was second to trying to get the highest value on equipment, re the companions, i have kept Kira equiped up but have ignored the bot as he seemed pretty useless in the battles i tried him in, but did go thru and give him what i could in equipment, and will try using him. the only other companion i have is the lame talking droid on the ship and he does not seem to be good for much of anything. One thing i had hoped to do but not figure out yet is send the other companoins on missions but have not figure out how to do that yet.

thanks again for the great suggestions.

Lynk, i am sorry i did not get in the basket with you it would have been fun and you might have helped me avoid jumping out too fast once..and another time, i fell thru the basket because i tried sitting NOT sit in the basket, you will fall thru, i am going to send a note to Bioware about that it appears to be a bug. Your leap was spectaular, and quite a surprise. I am still shy about talking to you much being our Guild Master and leader but i do appreciate so much your help with many things.

A couple of times strangers or players i was not sure who they were helped me with boss battles which was very nice so i have started hanging out around some of the toughest bosses and helping others too, it is a nice way to say thank you and passing it forward.

i will be back in the game at work soon, have to do some shopping but will be back at work shortly, have to finish a few last missions in Tatoooine and then on to Alderaan. thanks again.

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