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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
Kreia's lucky that Sion and Nihlius let her leave out of Malachor alive. The Sith are not known for such acts of kindness lol
They didn't let her live. They thought they had killed her. She is difficult to kill.
Kreia only wants to die to create echoes doesn't she? It doesn't matter who kills her as long as she ends up dead right? No matter who kills her, the ideals of the Old Jedi Order die with her right?
No, she wants her apprentice to kill her - that's the way of the Sith, and fits with her philosophy of learning through conflict. The Exile gave up the Force and Kreia respects that, she wants the Exile to grow stronger. And it's also a bit of an ego trip, because none of her other apprentices could kill her, which would suggest she's a horrible teacher who, without the Exile, would leave behind no legacy.

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