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i am experimienting with freezing one of the enemies to try that out, but thanks the advice is ALWAYS welcome always.....and i found being at level 30 made a huge difference even over 29, so i will try this a bit longer before giving up, i have not paid for the Taunt skill yet, in fact some of the recent skills are so expensive i am hesistant to get them, i mean 7,000 for a skill? give me a break Bioware. anyway, ya, i have the money, have saved over 120,000 now, but it is hard to spend it after working so hard for it. ..but i will try to learn about the skills as much as i can, it is hard to know as there are so many of them, and some of the skill points are so intricate, i really have no clue about that skill chart and just guess as best i can. there should be a tutorial of some sort for all those skills, there maybe something in the manual, i will go look at it today. anyway, ys, it has been hard, been dying fast in the past, but currently it may be better, tho some of the ambushes are just silly there are so many foes, i just got thru a boss battle in which about 12 high level bugs AND a boss bug emerged from a hidden room and there were also two zombie trainers and some more bugs in side cells, alla t once, it was just too much. I ended up being luck because while i was frozen, the jedi master sent thru and killed them all. I am not sure if it was intended to do that, but it worked and i was able to level up shortly after.

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