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Originally Posted by RogueJedi86 View Post
TAnd to address the elephant in the room(for me), I see a lot inside jokes and remarks from y'all. All the references to this Priss person. I play on Space Slug, how about y'all?
Most of us are on Vornskr. Home of the Walking Carpets and the Imperialist Meatbags.

As to Priss that is Lynk's gunslinger. Lynk's main toon is a Trooper Vanguard. Mine is a Smuggler Sawbones. So we decided to make these two to play together. We've already seen the other story, so this is an opportunity for us to see it from another’s perspective. We are not playing it in a normal matter from fighting to the conversations. Lynk’s smuggler is purely in it for the credits, while my trooper is by the book. This makes for some truly confusing and unintentionally funny conversations it also makes for some funny conversations in chat with each of us wanting Priss to win the roll in some conversation or rooting for Manta to win the roll so we accept a quest.

If you want to do another Alt on Vornskr please do and join one of the LF guilds. We are semi-nice at least on Fridays and Sundays.
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