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Wounds in the Force were created whenever a massive loss of life occurred. All life in the galaxy was interconnected and when a significant number of lives were suddenly ended, the Force sustained a localized injury much like a sentient who had lost a limb. The epicenter of the wound became a dark place, filled with the reverberating echoes of the pain, terror, and suffering of the life forms who had lost their lives. Wounds in the Force were most often centered in astrographical locations where traumatic events took place, such as Malachor V or Alderaan, but they could also form within individuals such as Meetra Surik or Darth Nihilus.

So the death of Kreia at the hands of the Exile would create echoes because with her death die the ideals of the old jedi order right? And she wants to continue the "tradition" of the Sith in which the apprentice kills the master once the former is stronger?

And why does Wookiepedia say that the final destruction of Malachor "sealed" the wound?

It seems that at the times of stress - and pain, if it catches us unawares, then the pain is transmitted between us
Kreia says the above line to the Exile on the Ebon Hawk. She wasn't lying this time and at Malachor, the two of them were not caught unaware, thus Kreia's death DID NOT lead to the Exile's death.

Another thing, when Moza the Ithorian visits us on Telos for the first time in Residential Module 082 he says that upon the Exile's arrival, Chodo Habat felt a "disturbance or echo in the force"

So does even a simple thing like the Exile's arrival on Telos create echoes in the Force? Just because of what the Exile went through at Malachor V, his arrival on planets can be sensed by other Force sensitives?

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