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Let's Kill Something as a Guild.

Alright I know most of our Officers are busy with Ops with Casual Alliance and HMFP and Dailies with our level 50s but we now have a number of toons at mid to high level and I believe it is time we do something as a guild...

The easiest thing would be a low to midlevel World Boss, I'm thinking Taris or Nar Shadda (neither are that difficult), but I'm open to suggestions. I would rather go as my Shadow, but I'm willing to go as a healer.

BongoBob, Lynk and I killed the WB on Quesh the other morning and it was a total blast. Mainly because Lynk let Brem fight between heals. However if we get a decent group and I play as Brem I promise just to heal and stun....

So who would like to tackle a WB? Pretty sure we can bribe Lynk into being our meat shield, so it would be relatively safe (as long as you don't stand to close to him) and it could net you some decent gear as you level up.

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