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TOR ate my KotOR
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Last night and this morning was very, very good to Brem.

Went on a story ops, which didn’t go great. One of the bosses gave us a few problems as we just couldn’t kill it before it enraged. Got as close as 2% once (10% the first time), bunch of noob mistakes. Including me, but we learned and called in one person when someone had to leave and killed it with no problem. The rest was fairly smooth, other than me forgeting a section of a puzzle, because I was healing while doing it and drew too much argo.

However, what went great is, I was the only smuggler in the group, so I got pants, gloves and a offhand weapon… I can hear Lynk now…You don’t use an offhand weapon. Nope, but I now use the way higher mods in my main weapon.

I will also say there is a point in the Ops where everyone has to fight an elite one on one. You can only get help after another has killed their enemy. If you damage someone else’s opponent or heal an ally then that part of the quests resets. Mav told me this causes trouble to scoundrels, well Brem not only held her own, she got in a few licks to a tank's opponent too after killing her elite with no help. I was even the 3rd or 4th out of 8 done (mine did have the least amount of health, but I also have the least amount of damage attacks and my most powerful damage attacks had to be done carefully to prevent splash damage that would have reset the area). We quit before the last boss, because of the late hour. The 2nd boss just took us way too long.

Then this morning I spent 200 Daily Commendations, for Campaign Relic of Ephemeral Mending which is +84 Endurance and more importantly gives a 50% chance to restore an addition 470 health over 3 seconds, once every 20 seconds. All in all, I need boots and hat to finish my Columi armor set, the only other thing I need is a new gun, but I already have the Mods for it.

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