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And what does she do to the Exile's eyes when we first encounter and fight with her? I asked Kreia but she says that Visas didn't do anything.
As I understand it, during your fight with Visas she's supposed to hit you with some Force power that makes it so you see everything through the funky technicolor Force sight effect; but it was cut or they forgot to actually put that part in, but the dialogue where you discuss it with Kreia still remains.

And just because she lost to the Exile, Visas stopped serving Nihilus? How come?
I don't quite remember it all, but I figure that she got screwed up in the head when she fails to capture you, and you don't kill her. And if you're male, then after the Jedi get killed on Dantooine she gives you some sappy talk about how she loved you ever since she felt you through the Force or some ****. I only remember bits and pieces.

Furthermore, Nihilus told Visas to bring you to her; so I imagine that in some sense Visas considers herself to be fulfilling that assignment by protecting you, and you plan on running into Nihilus eventually anyway.

Is there a way to use her Force sight in the game? I tried looking using Visas in first person mode but wasn't able to see anything special?
It should work when you use first-person mode as either Visas or Kreia; I think that it doesn't work unless the game is patched or something, but I don't remember. I also think that if you have high enough influence with Visas you can ask her to teach you the Force sight thingy, and it's like a power you can activate which, while it does create the visual effect, doesn't actually do anything.

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