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Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
Any preference in class you'd try out first, stoffe (whenever you get the game to start )? I'm most interested in the Engineer, I'm curious to see how it works with and against other classes. A Charr Engineer would probably my first pick.
I've been playing as a Norn elementalist so far, exploring the lower level areas of Norn, Human and Charr lands. Pretty much a glass cannon since elementalists are hopelessly fragile and die immediately if they come under attack, but do decent damage against bunches of enemies. I think this is the game I've died the most in, ever, so far. Maybe will improve once I get more used to the combat system, but I still hope they tweak the combat difficulty before release because in some places/events it's more frustrating than fun.

Charr engineers seem to be a popular pick, lots of people in the Charr area had that profession. Hard to tell how well they were doing though in the chaos of battle.

Only few hours left to play before the beta is over now.

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