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I played as a Human Ranger and didn't die nearly as much as Stoffe did, but I think that is mainly as my pet keeps enemies at bay and if it dies I just run away leaving a trap in my wake to slow them down. I could easily handle 2-3 enemies on my own, but more than that and I was definately struggling. I plan on playing as a Norn as my main when the game is finally released, and I'll be giving that one a go in the next beta.

I had a great time in the 10 of so hours I played it, and I'm glad I pre-ordered now. At one point a group of us had all done a dynamic event chain of events together and we were in the swamp when all of a sudden a HUGE, and I mean HUUUUGE swamp beast demon thing that took up the whole screen suddenly came out of nowhere. I think we were all in shock but proceeded to start taking it down. There was a lot of dodging and killing spawned enemies and it took about 20 minutes to kill it. At the end there was a huge chest in the middle with lots of good items in and a green item (which is good in GW2). We all just stood around chatting in chat about how amazing it was for about 5 mins afterwards. It was just brilliant.

Edit: I found a video of event I'm talking about

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