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Originally Posted by leXX View Post
I played as a Human Ranger and didn't die nearly as much as Stoffe did, but I think that is mainly as my pet keeps enemies at bay and if it dies I just run away leaving a trap in my wake to slow them down.
Probably my fault for picking such a fragile profession that I died so much. Elementalists are pretty much glass cannons, they can do decent damage to groups of enemies, but can't take any beating at all themselves.

Still, after getting up in level a bit and picking up more abilities (including a couple of summons to tank for me briefly) and better gear my death rate slowed down considerably. Sure I still kept dying every now and then, but not so annoyingly often. Maybe me getting more used to the combat system helped too.

Originally Posted by leXX View Post
At one point a group of us had all done a dynamic event chain of events together and we were in the swamp when all of a sudden a HUGE, and I mean HUUUUGE swamp beast demon thing that took up the whole screen suddenly came out of nowhere.
I encountered the huge Shade in the swamp as well. Looked huge from a distance, but when you get close the scale really becomes apparent with a player not being much larger than a toenail by comparison (if a Shade had any). Took a few screenshots of the fight too.

* * * *

Overall I'm impressed by the game. Environments are varied, interesting and often very pretty, with plenty of postcard vistas and interesting places to visit. Quests and events are also varied in scope and tasks. Story is decent as well from what I've seen so far. Perhaps not Bioware-grade storytelling, but it gets the job done of keeping you interested in what's to come and provide a background for what you do. Combat is quite different from the standard MMO or guildwars 1 formulas, which can be fun in some ways and a little frustrating in others. Only done the 1-15 starting areas of the 3 species in the beta, and a part of a 15-25 area. Gotten my Norn elementalist up to level 23 before the beta ended.

The main cities of each species are huge and contain a lot to explore and find on their own. Took me over an hour just to see everything in Lions Arch, and the Black Citadel, Divinity's Reach and Hoelbrak are no less impressive in size.

My main beefs with the game so far is that combat in some areas and during a few of the Events is way too difficult. It's extremely easy to be overwhelmed in those situations, and luck more than skill seem to decide if you survive. Enemies also respawn way too quickly. Sometimes an enemy you killed respawn right behind your back while fighting his buddies.

I expect those things will be tweaked before the next Beta Event though.

A bunch of random screenshots taken by me in various places in the game:

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