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Originally Posted by Salzella View Post
One thing that does slightly irritate me about Guild Wars (and quite a few other games like it) is that it suffers badly from ICS - Impractical Clothing Syndrome. WOMEN OF GW! Y U NO WEAR PROPER CLOTHES/ARMOUR?! HOW U STILL HAVE ALL LIMBS?
Guild Wars 2 actually has a very wide range of clothing and armor styles. From fully covered to fairly skimpy, from plain to extravagant. So it's mostly up to you how you want your character to look (or what armor or clothing you've been able to obtain so far, this early on).

My character is a Norn though so it's more or less a racial/cultural thing that they run around lightly dressed in the snow and ice. So I tried to outfit her accordingly with the limited means at my disposal this early. Elementalists have paper thin armor anyway so might as well look the part.

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