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Star Wars: The Darkness Within

The Jedi Order has been betrayed from within

Master Voleran, one of the Jedi Order's most powerful members has defected to the Sith Empire with nearly all of the knowledge that the Republic and the Jedi Order have collected since the Fall of Coruscant. If he is not stopped from reaching the Sith with this information, the Republic and the Jedi Order could end up facing a new war with the Sith Empire.

The Republic and Jedi Order are in agreement: The rouge Jedi Master must be caught or killed before the information reaches the sith. The Republic is now putting together a small strike force to intercept Voleran before he can reach his sith allies.

Senate Tower Briefing Room

Zarev Avera walked through the corridors of the senate tower with a mixture of determination and sadness. He had heard the rumors from Tython, that someone had managed to steal important data and had tried to flee with it. He was hoping that they had managed to capture the criminal before whoever it was had caused too much damage to the temple.

If I had managed to save Master Beval perhaps he could have stopped this from happening. He thought sadly as he arrived at the room where the briefing concerning the security breach was going to take place. Zarev was still torn up about the loss of his master, knowing that he could have saved him if he had arrived just a moment earlier.

As he walked in he saw three others already in the room. One was wearing the robes of a jedi master and the second one that was standing was wearing the uniform of a republic military officer. One with the rank of a general.

He turned to the solder that was sitting in the chair and the solder stared back at him. One thing that Zarev noticed before he turned away was that the solder had the insigna of Havoc squad on his shoulder.

Hmmm...As I recall, Havic squad is one of the Republic's top special forces units. Something important must have happened if Havoc Squad is involved.
The republic officer nodded once and motioned for the jedi to sit down. "We'll be waiting for the others to arrive before we begin the briefing. We have assembled the finest individuals in republic space to help deal with this situation."
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