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Originally Posted by Salzella View Post
Oh OK. I had a brief look at the character creation on youtube and it was like 90% skimpy. Mind you it was a Norn character creation so if it's a cultural thing then that makes sense I guess. Hrrrm.
Well yes, if it's character creation what you'd see is the starting gear for each profession and species (also modified by chosen back story I believe). You have to obtain the outfits you want while playing, they don't give you the whole wardrobe from the start.

Norns are more or less your typical Northern Viking stereotype, a bit like the Nord in Elder Scrolls (though the Norn are not human, unlike the Nord, depite their appearance). Tall (nearly twice as tall as humans in the case of Norn), unbothered by cold weather and independent-minded. (Unbothered by cold, modesty and personal hygiene, as an Asura remarked in a drive-by conversation ) With the extra twist that Norn are natural shape shifters that can assume animal form.

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