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CrisG the basic instructions are:

Lynk is the Tank, we don't attack until he has aggro. So wait to attack until Lynk says so, or you see one of the higher character (hopefully level 50 toons attack, if I were you and Jeff is there, I would watch him. Jeff and Lynk have done many Hard Mode Ops and Flashpoints together, so Jeff will know when to attack). Do not watch Brem (me) she will not be attacking at all.

Next stay away from Lynk or you will get hit with splash damage and die. Watch what Lynk orders before the fight begins and do that. Usually that will be getting behind the WB and then hitting it as hard and fast as you can. Using all your cool downs to used your most powerful attacks as often as possible.

If something happens in the battle and you get knocked back, use whatever means possible to get back on the WB as fast as possible. Two reason,

1. Your job is to damage the boss

2. You need to be in my range so that I can heal you. I will not leave the range of our Tank or level 50 DPS to heal anyone. So you will have to get within my range. Early bosses this will not be that big a deal, but it is good practice if we keep good habits for the later WBs. Which means the Tank will be my number #1 priority, followed by those that cause the most damage.

Some of these WBs have one hit kills. So if lower levels dies (depending on which planet we are on) stay put. I have no cool down on my out of combat resurrect and I have 1 in combat resurrect per battle. I also have the power to get out of combat during the battle, but I will only do so if no one is in danger of death. Hope there are other scoundrels or shadows around that can also do this.

No use you going back to the med center and running back if you require a higher level to escort you to the battle. Again, not a big deal for most of us until we get a planet where the local mobs are a higher level than your toon.

If you see the WB throw an AOE on the ground around you, run out of it. If you have a target on you run away from other guild members. You are going to be hit, please try your best not to let splash damage also hit your guildmates, but as soon as you are hit, run back to the battle. Remember your #1 job is to damage the boss as much and as fast as possible.

My advice is to be on your ship until we know which boss is living. Coruscant is our first target, but if he is already dead, we will have to go to Taris first and so on. We are placing other members of the TWC and IM at boss locations to verify that the boss is alive or not. So don’t be surprised if Lynk and Brem sign out every once in awhile between battles. We are not quitting, we are signing into one of our alts checking on the next world boss.

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