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Hey everyone!

Time for another update-

Today I have two topics I will be discussing:

Once is how RoR will make some new uses or tweaks with the Kotor2ís Skill system and the second is about expanding the team.

The Kotor skill system includes:
Computer use
Treat Injury

We will not be removing any existing skill mechanics but to expand so these skills can influence certain events in the game.

Computer Use Skill-
This skill will no longer be tied to computer spikes. Computer Spikes will now be something you could just sell for extra money since now your skill number will more directly influence your ability to slice into a computer. All players will be able to slice into a computer but your computer skill number will determine your options.

An example will be a player will slice a computer with a low skill number will get the normal access but if their skill number is high then you might unlock a chance to gas the enemies in the next room or activate a turret. Sometimes these options could be info on enemies in the area or tips, lore, etc. This skill does connect on the Security Skill since both are very close in nature. To help make a distinction between the two its best to look at Computer skill is about moving around the system while Security Skill revolves around defense or walls that involve access a door. I will explain more in the Security Skill section. But if you want to be a great slicer its best to get points in both of these areas since at times they will piggyback each other.

Demolition Skill- This skill will now be checked at times during a conversation that will be about explosives. As Nindo being a arms dealer, this skill might get checked during some of his conversations with this companion.

Stealth Skill- no changes or tweaks

Awareness Skill- This will now be checked during conversations as well as investigating locations throughout the level. There will be invisible placeables which the player can click and there could be checks on the awareness that will determine what you discover including hints on lore, people, and even discover items/weapons. One goal I would like to do is to have some dialogue scenes play out a little different based on this awareness check.

An Example will be a player who talks to a NPC and due to their Awareness level they can see that the NPC has a tattoo or marking that resembles a certain Hutt gang or another faction. This then can be clicked and influence how you could handle this NPC where another player would not get this option due to a low level of Awareness.

Persuade Skill-
This skill will work as the original use but we hope to expand on its use in major event/scenes.

Repair Skill- We are looking to expand this into Crafting/Modifying gear for your Jedi to allow you to wear armor and still use Jedi Powers. The system which is still being tweaked for balance will allow players to take armor and modify it so you can use all force powers but will lower the original armor defense number so the player is not over powering yet can live out that non conventional Jedi dream. This skill will also be used in the creation of Jedi Armor Robes.

Security Skill- This will be about breaking through secured doors as well as gaining access to secured sections of the computer system. These checks will be not as common as the Computer skill ones since this involves high level security areas.

An example of this is a player is trying to open a secured door and the Security skill number determines how many waves of enemies will attack you before you get past the security on the door. Think of Return of the Jedi where Han Solo is trying to get the security door open to the base on Endor, you will have a scene of dialogue then enemies then another short dialogue then the next wave. If the Security skill is high you will have just one or two waves verse a possible two extra waves.

Treat Injury Skill- no changes or tweaks

These are subject for further tweaks based the flow and pacing of the gameís story and experience but I wanted to let you guys know that we are looking to bring them into the game in a more interactive way which can allow for more diverse experiences while playing Revenge of Revan.

The Next Topic is about Expanding the RoR Team-

During the past month or two I have been looking at how to remove barriers in the modís production and how to make it easier to allow new team members with in the writing area to come on board easier. I discovered looking through the internet that there really isnít much on the project management side so I decided to design my own.

I have been working on designing a system which includes a design document for RoR as well as a writer/quest creator/dialogue/ level layout package for new team members. This package allows new team members to see exactly what the tools for making content are for this mod. When I talk about tools I will be talking out level/planet layouts as well as how the dialogue system will work and the checks that can be used and the flow to get the writer/quest creator into content building and being creative without wondering what the method is.

I also tackled what happens with your VO or writers donít have the dlgeditor or even a PC system, and those were all solved.

This brings us to what will be needed-

I will be looking for writers for quest/dialogue for the mod.
Writers will need to be 17 or above in age
Grammar skills
Understand- The Nine Act Structure
Link for resources

Be able to get dialogue done in a timely fashion- I'm very flexible so you will be getting tasks but to get the next quest to write you must finish your present one. This is to keep the production from getting held up and not burden the writer since I know we all have a real life and i want to be able to find a sweet spot between the two.

We will be using Google + to have group meeting to go over quest ideas and get them green lighted for the writing team to write/dialogue.

You do not need the dlgeditor for kotor2 and you could also be on a Apple or Linux base system and still write for the mod.

Right now we have 2 people for grammar check and I will let you know if we need more.

People interested in also creating items/armor skins feel free to let me know.

Please post here if youíre interested or in my public Logan23 message. Donít send me a PM since Iím basically maxed out there so I wonít see them.

Also we will see a few more Character Profiles added to the RoR website in May.



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