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Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
How was GW2?
I'm thinking of picking up for my free to play MMO while swtor will be my Sub one
Originally Posted by leXX View Post
It was amazing, I loved every second of the beta weekend and I'm so glad I pre-ordered it now. Really looking forward to it's release, I can't wait.
Agreed. It was a lot of fun to play, and the world is amazing in its detail, variety and polish, with nice little touches and secrets here and there that really rewards exploring. With all the events and heart quests going on everywhere there was always something to do as well when needing some variety from just exploring. A bit early to judge the storyline from what was available, but so far it was decent (the branch of it I ended up on at least as a Norn favored by Wolf with the Revenge backstory).

Combat will probably take a while to get used to and fully grasp the details of since it was quite different from Guild Wars 1. For the most part it was fun and challenging even with my total newbie bumblings, if a bit too difficult in some spots.

While it was still a little rough around some corners with a few things in need of tweaking, that's what beta testing is for. I expect many of those issues have been adressed by the next beta weekend.

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