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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
I found the above lines on Wookiepedia but they don't seem to make any sense? What did Nihilus show Visas?
He would show her the world(likely universe in this case) as he saw it. As she likely was at that point, a sole survivor on a decimated planet, it would have been bad enough to see the world through the force, and subsequently see every flame of life around you suddenly extinguished, is bad enough(along with having a certain resemblance to the Exile). But then to have Nihilus find her, and open her eyes to the dead world, likely far worse than she had been able to see it otherwise, is likely what damaged her sight.

Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
And I believe that the Exile's reconnection to the Force sent out echoes which was the reason that Nihilus and Visas sensed her in the first place? Am I right?
Yes, and no. Everything in the galaxy feels the force, but it takes something to be able to perceive it in a way that one can make use of it. The sort that occurs when the Exile first regains the force can almost be seen like the birth of a child - as much as they might be tied to the force, it is hard to tell how well. However, the point that Nihlius realizes that you might be a threat to him, is when the Exile obtains a sufficient alignment(I'm not sure exactly when this is, likely about 25% either way shows the cut-scenes that prelude Visas' arrival).

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