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Originally Posted by Rtas Vadum View Post
Yes, and no. Everything in the galaxy feels the force, but it takes something to be able to perceive it in a way that one can make use of it. The sort that occurs when the Exile first regains the force can almost be seen like the birth of a child - as much as they might be tied to the force, it is hard to tell how well. However, the point that Nihlius realizes that you might be a threat to him, is when the Exile obtains a sufficient alignment(I'm not sure exactly when this is, likely about 25% either way shows the cut-scenes that prelude Visas' arrival).
It triggers when you alignment reaches 25 or 75 (75% dark or light), or you've gained 50 total alignment points, or after you find your third master. At least that's what the script says it's supposed to do; it also says it doesn't fire until after you have left Telos and arrived on another planet, but I'm pretty sure that's not true.

They're able to sense the Exile at this because the Exile casts such strong echoes in the Force - basically, the more stuff you do, the stronger your presence becomes, more noticeable. It's not really that they couldn't sense it before... they just couldn't discern the Exile from the rest of the universe. Nihilus seems especially blind to it, because they're both wounds in the Force; he's blinded by all his power, which casts the same kind of echo. Visas, however, is able to sense a subtle difference between them, and so she could track down the Exile.
Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
He showed her people living without the Force and this damaged her vision? And she became convinced that all life must die?
No, it's... it's a bit more complicated than that. The Jedi - all Force users, really - believe that nothing can exist without the Force, at least not in this form. It's as part of the universe as gravity, electromagnetism, or the nuclear forces. It always has been and it always will be. But Nihilus exists only to feed on the Force, to destroy life. He's like a black hole - a point where the laws of the universe as we understand them cease to function. Nihilus showed Visas the universe as he sees it... the echo that he was creating, to devour the universe. And it scares the hell out of her. I think it drives her a big crazy, she gets Stockholm syndrome on a galactic scale. She clings to the belief that such a being must exist for a reason, that he's bigger than the universe, that the universe needs to die to feed his hunger.
But then why did she pledge herself to the Exile after being given mercy? What did she see in the Exile? She just sensed the Exile through the force but nothing more right?
The Exile is proof that life can exist without the Force, and she sees in this a power that rivals Nihilus.

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